I spent ages looking for @iamunscared talking about over training and how to prepare for an event (Like the Dublin City Marathon).

This video is gold, it explains how he gets his endurance athletes ready one and a half weeks out for an endurance event. They call this ‘tapering’ and is usually longer for a typical marathon preparation.

Breakdown: 1.5 Week Before Endurance Race/Event

10-7 days before -> take off the intensity in workouts.

7-6 days before -> drop the volume, 45-60min enjoyable/easy run.

6-5 days before -> heavy workout, stimulate neuroendocrine response leading up to event (squats & dead-lifts I guess), ultimately to get a hormonal response 1 day before endurance event.

4 days before -> Strength & Conditioning - ‘Helen’ @ 70% effort (400m Run, 21 KB Swings, 12 Pull-ups) x3.

3 days before -> 200m x 8 @ 70% effort w/ 2min rest

2 days before -> Rest?

1 Day before -> Rest or easy 15 min run/stretching (I have heard Brian McaKenzie mention Tabata @ 70% on this day).

0 Day - Race Day!

From CrossFit Endurance website:

Single Sport Taper

Saturday, CF

Sunday, 20min Run

Monday, Rest

Tuesday, Lift Heavy 5X3 Back Squat @70% of 5X3 max

Wednesday, Helen @ 70% effort

Thursday, Run– 8X200 @ 70% effort 2 minute rest

Friday, Rest

Sat, Race or easy 15 min

Sun, Race…

Follow any race with strength recovery as we’ve posted below as quickly as you can each day until you feel normal.

(Source: youtube.com)

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